{Product Review} Q-Knot reusable ties

Q-Knots are reusable multipurpose ties used for just about anything in your home or office. From loose wires, to chip bags, and everything in between, Q-Knots are a great way to help you stay organized.

UTWire, creator or Q-Knots, was created with the purpose of hassle-free do it yourself organization and designed for everyday use without hard to use installation tools, parts, or instructions. Products can be found at The Container Store, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, and online retailers such as Amazon and Organize.com.

Q-Knots are an award-winning design, winner of the iF Product Design Award 2012 and Red Dot Award 2012: Product Design. Q-Knots feature a self-locking design, with nonslip gripping teeth. They are easy to release and retire and stretchable, flexible, and durable.

I recently had the privilege to try out Q-knots to see for my self. I was very excited to get them out and use them. I am all for anything organizing. With 2 young kids, I love searching for new and exciting ways to keep all those game cords and snack bags together.

When I opened a reusable back of popcorn, my first thought, “YAY, I need to get out the Q-knots.” I pulled them out and grabbed one to use. To start, they were very easy to use and very simple to use. Easy, easy, easy! Just simply grab a size and wrap the long “toothy” end around the bag or item and pull through the hole on the other side and pull until it “clicks” around the tooth and pulls until you have a tight grip. That’s it. Love it. I have them all over my pantry now.

I also have them wrapped around the very long ac adapter cords that are attached to my boys electronic games. They like to play games in their rooms before bed and the long cords freak me out if they were to fall asleep. So, now that the cords are bundled up and secured with a Q-Knot, I do not have to worry. They have been tied up with the Q-knot for several weeks now and have not come undone.

I would say this is a must buy and a must have!