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    Product Review – Softsoap Spa

    I love CVS and when they had the Softsoap Spa as their monthly deal I was thinking, great more soap. Well that wasn’t the case with the “Spa” series. I got my allowed amount and was actually excited to give it a try. When ever I get something new to try, I get all excited and can’t wait to crack it open. This time I had to shove everything out of the way on my shower caddy. I have so many open bottles of ‘stuff’ why not add one more. I poured a bit on my loofah and got to sudsing. I fell in love at that very moment. It has exfoliating beads inside and you can really feel it work. The scent was a very soothing and relaxing, clean scent actually. I was going to give them away for gifts through out the year, but with these I may have to rethink that. I want to keep them all and use them all up! I would say, considering mine were free, I’d actually consider paying full price for it! Shocking, I know!!! I believe they retail for $3.49-5.49 at your local stores. Great price, great product, great find!!!

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