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    Quiet #WordADayChallenge


    Quiet.  Soaking up the stillness.  My head is filled with noise while this room is silent.  I wish there was a way to hush my mind.  Thoughts running as if they were sprinting towards a finish line.  Why is such a small space filled with so many words?  I rush outside without hesitation.  Looking up to the big bright blue sky I see fast moving yet quiet birds hustling about trying to get to their next destination.  It’s so quiet outside but so noisy inside my head.  What is it trying to tell me?  Focus.  Focus on the feeling.  Focus on the words.  Focus on the moving pictures.  Focus on the birds.  The birds are focused and have a mission. Quiet #WordADayChallenge

    They don’t need to struggle with making a decision.  Why is it so hard to quiet all the white noise?  Breathe in the joys.  The joys of living in this very moment.  Don’t let your happiness be the opponent.  So when you’re feeling all alone, remember it’s only a steppingstone.  Soon the noise inside your head will allow you some peace so you can get to bed.  Your mind is silent during the night hours but in your head, you’re climbing towers.  Towers that you never thought you’d climb and suddenly your brain is on overtime.  Time, it’s time to wake up from your rest and you suddenly realize you are the best and this was only a test to show you that you are blessed.  So when you hear all the noise, embrace the joys that surround you and soon you’ll appreciate how the quiet guides you.


    Boom….Drops mic….


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    Tomorrow’s word is Rejuvenate.


    Quiet #WordADayChallenge


    1. I appreciate quiet so much more now! Stillness and silence. Actually the kids are saying at grandma’s house tonight…Going to seriously soak up some QUIET!

      • Thank you so much! I totally sucked at completing my own challenge, but it was an eye opening experience and forced me to think and write out of my comfort zone. I’d say that alone was a success! 🙂

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