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    Rain Rain come today….

    So, I can wear my cute rain boots–today!  Finally fashionable comfortable rain boots for women.  I have secretly been jealous of my girls and their uber cute rain boots– “I wanted a pair too.”

    Women's Pelican Tall Boot Lug.
    Women's Black Embossed Croc Pelican Tall Boot Lug.

    Finally– I have my own grown-up, sleek,  and sexy rain boots from Sperry Top-Sider. These boots look great with skinny jeans, and they are surprisingly comfortable to walk  in (even all around the mall).  Sperry’s  boots do run a little on the narrow side, I knew this before hand and got the right fit for me.  The inside of the boot is not plastic– thank goodness.  Sperry’s sleek stylish boot is cushioned and lined with Micro-fleece for warmth and comfort–bonus!

    No more rain boot envy– now you can go jump in a puddle all while looking like the Hot Mama you are.

    Women's Pelican Tall Boot Lug.
    Women's Pelican Dark Brown Zebra Print Tall Boot Lug
    Women's Pelican Tall Boot Lug
    Camel Plaid
    Women's Pelican Tall Boot Lug.
    Navy Tattersall Pelican Tall Boot Lug

    What’s your style? Check out Sperry Top-Sider

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