Saturday, February 24, 2024
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    Rainbow Pancakes

     A new favorite breakfast treat in our house! I stumbled upon these by accident at Target. I was looking for pancake mix and found these for only $.99. What a deal!

    So, of course the boys went crazy! RAINBOW PANCAKES is what they call them. The little funfetti inside spreads a little to make the pancakes a rainbow. These are very easy to make, just add water and cook on a griddle. That simple! I never have any left cause the boys devour them all!!!

    These are not easy to find. I found them at Target in another town close by but not at the Target closest to us. But, these are a must try!!!


    1. Toni, these look so “fun” to make! I’ve never seen them before but next time I head out I’m definitely going to try and fin them! My kids are huge pancake eaters and will put sprinkles on top of anything so I’m sure they will love these too!! Thanks for sharing!

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