Rainy Day Crafts

Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Blustery fall days are upon us and it means that outdoor play is coming to an end. So what do you do to entertain your kids when they are cooped up indoors on those rainy days? The answer is– crafts. All the kids that I know absolutely love making things and you can achieve some great results for not much money. It is also a great way for the whole family to spend quality time together. Here are a few rainy day craft ideas for kids:

Paper Plate Masks

Paper plates are really inexpensive. You can buy a whole pack for a very small amount of money. Have a good look around your house for things that you can cut up to decorate your masks with. This could be things like old magazines, food cartons, lolly sticks, gift wrap, wool, straws and even remnants of fabric. Cover your dining table with a paper cloth and put all of your materials in the middle along with felt tip pens, paint, glue and scissors (if your children are old enough to use them on their own). You will need to attach some string, preferably elastic, to the plate so that the mask stays in position when it is on. You will all have a fantastic time making masks and you could even use them to tell stories or act something out after they are complete!

Card Making

Card Making is great fun and something that children of all ages will enjoy. Whilst the paper plate’s activity above may not appeal to your older children, card making is something that can be adapted to suit those of any age. It is all about choosing theright card projects and the right card materials. Your teenage daughter may like to make cards with paper shoes and handbags on and your son may like making a music themed card. Your younger children could make a farm animal themed card. There are many great card making kits on the market that have different themes. You can usually make anywhere form 3 to10 cards per kit and they usually include all of the materials that you need. These are also great for taking on long journeys and holidays.


Junk Modelling

Junk Modelling is extremely fun and can also be extremely messy. This is a good activity to do in the garden! In the run up to this craft project you should save some of the packaging that your food comes in. Things like plastic bottles, cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet paper innards and ice cream tub. All you then need to add is some duct tape, glue and a colourful selection of paints and paper. Get your kids to stick the junk together to make fun models like robots, animals and cars. Paint them up and leave them to dry.

There are more great craft ideas for kids on my blog at http://alphadesignco.com/card-making-help/summer-crafts-for-kids/


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