Replenish – A Product Review

I am obsessed with cleaning products!  But let me say first before you think I am a super clean freak and obsessed with the process of “cleaning”, I am not.  In fact, I hate dusting and cleaning!  I guess it’s just because I am always so busy that cleaning takes a back seat.  I do however, clean all bathrooms and the kitchen all the time.  I started to get away from all the chemically enhanced cleaning products because, one… I hate the smell, and two… I hate how I feel when I’m cleaning.  I hate feeling the overwhelming need to cough when I inhale cleaning products!  I hate it!  With that said, I was so happy when I heard about Replenish!  OMG…why haven’t I heard of this product sooner?  I don’t know!

Lets start off with it’s history.  It started back in 2006 when the founder of Replenish was ironing his shirts.  {Hello…he irons… that right there says a lot!}  I digress, instead of adding regular ole water to the iron, he started thinking of how he can create a concentrated cleaning solution that was easy to mix that used only one bottle.  That’s enough to make you go “hmmm”, right?

Needless to say, Replenish was born!  Their products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and 99% plant-derived so it is not irritating to human skin!  It can be used safely ANYWHERE!  You have no idea how much I LOVE this!  I recently tried the “Sun Lemon” scent and I can’t even describe what I smell.  It is so clean and refreshing.  It actually makes me happy when I am cleaning up the nasty spilled on counter top!  You can smell it from across the room.  Oh, it just makes me happy!

Now, why is this product so special?  It is a reusable bottle system that is like no other.  If you want to cut down on the cost of plastic, oil, and reduce carbon emissions then you have found the product for you.  The bottle itself is completely reusable and is 100% recyclable.   To start off, you would buy the bottle and it comes with one “pod” for roughly $6.99.  Each “pod” provides you with three bottles worth of cleaning solution.  That comes to about  $2.33 PER bottle!  When you are finished with the”pod”, you simply toss that and replace it with a “refill pod” that costs about $3.79 each {again, it has enough solution to fill three bottles} so, looking at it as a cost effective way to clean, using the refill comes to $1.26 PER bottle!  Come on…really!

How does it work?  It’s really a simple 4 step process.

1. Remove the seal and reattach the “pod” to the bottom of the bottle.

2. Flip the bottle over and squeeze the “pod” to fill the measuring cup.

3. Flip back to upright position and slowly add water to the bottle.

4. Start cleaning!

I honestly cannot say anything bad about this product.  It cleans great, it is cost effective, it smells wonderful, it’s safe for the whole family {including the dog} and it is completely reusable.  The only thing is, you can’t find Replenish every where.  {It’s only found at Dominick’s food stores where I am at.}  BUT… I would HAPPILY purchase this product from their online shop.  It is that good!