{Review} AYG Underwear

Whether you are running, hiking, working outside, you will want to be wearing AYG Underwear while doing it.  The AYG Underwear is a new, proprietary XTRdry(tm) performance Cotton (96% cotton, 4% spandex) that is ultra-soft and light weight.  AYG is quick drying and moisture wicking, so even if you are sweating, your clothing won’t stick to you!  AYG Underwear is available for the whole family, mom, dad, son, and daughter and comes in different colors and sizes.

My husband works in construction so he is always working out in the elements…and here in Illinois we have this nasty thing called humidity.  It isn’t a pleasant experience just being out in it, let alone work in it.  He was happy to test out the t-shirt and briefs and he came home and quickly told me that this brand receives an A+ and two thumbs up from him and that is a HUGE compliment!  He’s usually pickier than picky so when he likes something…he means it.  He went on to tell me that everything was soaking wet on him except his AYG Underwear! Ok so back to the facts…AYG works at keeping you dry!   

My son also loved his youth tee.  He is in sports and again, using a moisture wicking product is always a must.  It helped to keep him cooler during hot days and warmer during the cold baseball nights.  He liked it because it was soft and didn’t “scratch” at his skin. The mens XTRdry underwear retail for $29.95, boys shirts retail for $17.95, both are great investments and what a perfect gift to give dad! For more infomration and to check out all the great products from AYG, visit www.aygunderwear.com