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    {Review} Dr. Doormat to the rescue!

    You might think this looks like your ordinary doormat, but I’d like to fill you in on a little secret!  Dr. Doormat is the first doormat that can actually block allergy irritants and destroy microorganisms on contact.  Now, I bet you are a little skeptical.  I admit, I was too when I first heard about it, however, just a couple weeks of using the Dr. Doormat, I can say I was pretty impressed.  The Dr. Doormat has little-raised bubbles, reminds me of a colorful bubble wrap!  When you wipe your shoes, the dirt, germs, bacteria, mold, whatever is on your shoe, will fall to the space between the ‘bubbles’ so when the next pair of shoes comes along, the ‘bad’ stuff will not touch their shoes.

    We had a doormat leading into our home through our garage.  When the kids would come home, I think they just tripped over the old doormat and didn’t take the time to actually wipe the bottom of their shoes.  Needless to say, the traffic marks from dirty shoes is less than appealing!  However, just thinking about what we are tracking in from the outside, think about it…you have pesticides that are on your grass, dirt, but then, start to think about what your shoes touch on a daily basis!  Think, public restrooms, restaurants, parking lots…ick… I can only imagine what else my shoes have touched!  Then…you bring it into your home!! DOUBLE ICK!!!

    The Dr. Doormat is an antimicrobial surface that is positively charged pulling the negatively charged microbes down onto its surface like a magnet, and it destroys those microorganisms on contact.   Dr. Doormat is available in apartment size (18″ x 24″ x 3/8″: 2lbs) for $26.99 or house size (24″ x 36″ x 3/8″: 4 lbs) for $46.99 and comes in 4 different colors to suit the decor of any home.  You can actually place Dr. Doormat in different areas of your home, so if you are concerned about germs entering your baby’s nursery, or you can get rid of Buster’s dirty pet pillow and use it for a pet mat.  There are so many options for you when using this one of a kind doormat because 95% of all household dirt and harmful pollutants enter the home right from the bottom of your shoes!  Now you can enter your home knowing you are doing what you can to combat nasty germs, bacteria, dirt, and who knows what else from entering your home.

    We did receive the above products to review and test.  Please see our disclosure policy for any further details.  Our words and opinions are ours and ours alone

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