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    {Review} Polar-Pillow is COOL – literally!

    The Polar Pillow is amazingly cool for so many reasons!  If you are looking for a really great gift for dad, or if you, yourself have ever been overheated while trying to fall asleep, or you just can’t seem to get comfortable, or you have a migraine that just won’t go away, or you just like the coolness from flipping your pillow a few times during the night, Polar Pillow has you covered.  It is scientifically formulated with special cooling gel that is is infused with micro beads that provide you with a cool, comforting nights sleep.  The Polar Pillow uses the air around you to lower your body temperature that aids in a deeper, more restful sleep.  What parent can’t use a good nights sleep??  You won’t need to flip the Polar Pillow either…it weighs 12 pounds!  Yes, you read that right…12 whopping pounds of cooling gel!

    It really does work too!  I am prone to getting headaches and I usually fall asleep with an ice pack on my temple…sounds silly but it works and now with the Polar Pillow, there is no need for messy, wet, rags or ice packs.  It really is a very “COOL” product…literally!  It is the best pillow I’ve tried in a very long time!  It would make for a great gift for Father’s Day, so pick one up for dad (and yourself).  It retails for $99 with free shipping and is available at


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