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    RHoA and Children

    I may be the only reality-tv junkie who finally watched the 3 part reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While watching the reunion NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield argued about their children, their argument made me think who is right Sheree, NeNe, or both?   Apparently, NeNe’s son Bryson was arrested for shoplifting.  Sheree shared this bit of information because she didn’t believe NeNe is as rich as she was carrying on.. if she is rich why did her son resort to stealing, this is what I think Sheree was going for.

    NeNe was angered of course that Sheree was airing out her dirty laundry, she went off on Sheree for mentioning her son.  NeNe protested that her son was grown he makes his own decisions and those decisions had nothing to do with her.  Sheree fired back “children are a reflection of who you are.”

    In which NeNe responded that you can raise a child right and they can still make mistakes. “Whatever mistake my child makes is not a reflection of me”

    What are your thoughts, are your children a reflection of who you are good or bad?


    1. I have seen both sides this argument. Some children live what they “see” and are “taught”. Other rebel against the families values. Ultimately, we all have the power of “choice”. At some point our children are responsible for their own actions, regardless of their upbringing. As parents we have to make sure we are giving and providing the best possible examples we can. In the end, our children will make up their own mind about what path in life they want to lead. But as parents we have to do our very best.

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