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    Roblox Gift Cards!

    Roblox Gift Cards

    Favorite Holiday Finds #9

    Roblox gift cards will make an excellent last minute gift for gamers between the ages of 8 & 18 this holiday season.  You can get them in incriments of $10, $25, $50 or you purchase what ever you’d like between $10 and $100 using their $10-$100 gift cards.  So you might be asking yourself right about now, what is Roblox?  Roblox users can create their own indie video games using the super simple developer tools.  Once complete, gamers can launch their own video games for millions of gamers to access and play across PC, MAC and mobile devices…all for free!  Roblox gift cards give kiddos access to premium in-game content.  My son is a gamer and hopes to become a game developer.  It’s been his dream for the last few years.  Being in 8th grade, this gives him an opportunity to dive into software development early on and gets him exposed to a variety of gaming tools while increasing his gaming and software development skills.Roblox Gift Cards


    We were able to test out the Roblox gift cards and both kids, my youngest (11 yo) and my son (14) both were able to explore different areas.  One was playing games while the other opted to build a floating house with a gigantic swimming pool and a swimming zombie.  I was just happy to see them using their imaginations during game play.  (Sorry about the glare on the images – I have yet to figure out how to take a decent photo of a computer or tv screen! —any tips are welcome!)  Gianna added her cute Christmas Tree for a quick selfie shot while Scott was busy playing different games.  Gianna’s guy was always ready to strike a pose apparently, he’s not camera shy at all!

    If you are looking for a kid-friendly gift this Christmas or if you need a last minute gift or stocking stuffer, you can find the Roblox gift cards at your local WalMart, Toys “R” Us, GameStop and CVS Pharmacies.  Be sure to check out for more details!  We added this item to our Favorite Holiday Finds because it gives the gift of game play, gaming tools and gaming through imagination.





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