Thursday, September 21, 2023

    Role Models

    Did you catch Cisco–  I mean Chris Brown on “Good Morning America” this past Tuesday?  Yikes- drama!

    However, this post has nothing to do with his angry fit of rage after being questioned about something horrific, which happened in 2009.  Instead this has everything to do with letting your children know these celebrities are not role models.

    Demi Lovato

    These people are just that people and with people comes imperfection. Not one person is perfect– but what makes us unique is our own mark on this world. Children, need to understand that celebrities that may seem to be living the dream flashy cars, jewelry, and whatever else is “hot” isn’t always perfect.  Yes- it seems like their lives are glamorous and paparazzi are following them for a glimpse of their lives, but why?  Is it because they have extreme talent?  Not really, paparazzi follow these celebrities because they know these celebrities are– people.  Once again with people there is mistakes and imperfection.

    Who is a good role model for your child?  You of course! So make sure you are on top of your game.  You don’t have to be perfect– just perfect enough.  Right now you may ask your child, “Who is your role model?”– and he or she may say Selena Gomez or Payton Manning. Ask your child 10-15 years later and he or she will probably say my parents. That’s right you! True you may not have a hit show, a super bowl ring, or a hot album, but you have love. Along with that love you have taught your child morals, respect, charity, and loyalty.

    I encourage you to speak with your child about role models.  Let your child know if an athlete, musician, actor, or even a reality television personality is their role model that these people are only people.  Life isn’t about being like someone else it’s about being yourself, and helping others.

    Let us know who your children’s role models are we would love to hear…

    Perhaps we could make a graph of the 2011 Role Models- by Tots to Teens Readers children–

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