Separation Anxiety

I know all kids have separation anxiety and it’s normal for them to have it. Especially since I am a stay at home mom and stay home with my boys, mainly Blake, all day long. However, I think I am the one having separation anxiety from my boys. We are about to head away on our very first mini vacation, thanks to my husbands work, with out our children, EVER! I have never been away from my children for longer then one night, at grandparents house, since they were born. Grandparents are a short drive away, not several states away!!!

I know it is good to get away, so everyone keeps telling me. But, who is really good for? The people telling me its good or myself??? Its been almost 6 years and I have been doing just fine without being parted from them. It’s my job to be a mom and I don’t ever need a break from being a mom. I love my crazy, loud, annoying, sweet, and loving little boys. They are my life and my world and I am just freaking out being away from them. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

While, I am super excited to be heading to Las Vegas! WHOOP WHOOP!! All expenses paid, per hubby’s company, YIPPEE!! VIP treatment, fancy dinners, cocktail parties, front row seating at the best shows in town! Deal me in! Who wouldn’t be stoked and ready to go. When I found out, my bags were packed that day! That was over 3 months ago. As the day draws near and we are actually packing to leave, I feel extremely nervous, scared, and starting to panic.

I just need to breathe! It will be fine right????