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    Showing my Disney Side!

    Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with all things Disney. So when I became a mom, I instantly knew I had to share this love with my children. When my oldest son was 18 months old we took him on his first trip to Disney World. I was pregnant at the time with my littlest guy. He instantly loved it. All the characters and sights and sounds everything was even better seeing it through his eyes. It was simply amazing.




    My very first trip to Disney World was in 2001. 


    We of course had to take my youngest son to Disney as soon as we could!



    We celebrated my 30th birthday at the Magic Kingdom. Nothing is more magical then spending Christmas in the parks with your family.


    I am also a longstanding member of the Mickey Moms Club and each year in September I vie for one of the coveted Disney Parks Moms Panel positions. 6 years now and still trying for that top spot! LOL. It will happen! I am also a founder tester for the Disney Insid”ears” program to help review new and upcoming info online for Disney. 


    So, when this email came into my inbox, I was floored!!! Excited, happy, and thrilled beyond belief! 


    My date for the party that was selected actually corresponds with my little mans 5th birthday!!! We already have a huge, awesome theme planned out for him, but now we are hustling to do double party duty! EEK! But, this is going to be so much fun! They will be sending out a box full of party items, its a surprise, so no idea what it will be. But, the skies the limit. They want us to have a fun Disney filled party and we have no problem doing so and showing our Disney Side.


    Toni 🙂 


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