Saturday, September 30, 2023

    Sick, again!

    This weekend was tough for my little man. When he gets sick, he gets SICK! But, you wouldn’t know it! He has been jumping and dancing and playing like nothing was wrong! But, I just new that something was wrong and just not right with him. After he projectile vomited in the car, he developed a rash on his face. Seemed weird. Then he developed another rash over his body. Doc said he has strep AND fifth’s disease! Really? Two illnesses? Is that possible? Apparently so. I had no idea what Fifth’s disease was. Thankfully, his pediatrician printed out something for me to read. Its not a serious illness and has mild symptoms, but is very contagious. Comes with a nasty rash and can cause joint pain as well. Just what my 3 year old needs! He is on some antibiotics for the strep and will just let the other run its course. Looks like we are home bound for the week! 🙂

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