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    Sneaking is the new bingeing #MomSneak

    Sneaking isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It can actually be very healthy!  Moms, you know you’re busy and stressed.  The days start running together and sometimes can even be overwhelming.  We, as moms, need our “me time”.  The problem comes when you don’t know when to get that “me time” in.  We have to work it into our day somehow.  That is where the sneaking comes into play.  Whether you hide away in your bathroom with the door locked or sit in your car in the garage for a few extra moments, you will find it and accept it how ever it comes.  Moms, sneaking is the new bingeing!

    #MomSneak Sneaking is the new bingeing

    In a new Netflix study, it is shown that 9 out of 10 moms feel that watching TV and movies alone is valuable “me time”.  I believe this to be true because I do this a lot!  My most favorite time of the day (or night as it might be) is when my husband goes up to bed and the kids are all sleeping.  I love this because the house is so quiet and dark.  It gives me a sense of peace for the day.  I feel as if I have done a good days work and I can just take that time and completely relax on the couch, by myself, without anyone else talking or changing the channel on me.

    Sneaking, how do you do it?

    I usually do my best sneaking while I make dinner.  I have my iPad on the counter and I just find something that looks interesting and starts streaming while slicing and dicing.    Because it’s super easy to walk around with my iPad, I find that if I am in the middle of a series or movie, I’ll bring my iPad into every room of the house with me.  Yes, even in the bathroom!!  While I get ready, I’ll be streaming.  While I clean the bathroom or bedroom, I’ll be streaming.  I stream when ever I can.  But, when I really want to relax, it’s at night when all are sleeping.  I seriously just snuck in some binging and watched the entire first season of Shooter in two days.  I was streaming that while cleaning out my refrigerator and cabinets!  Streaming takes place anytime, anywhere!

    Enter our #MomSneak Giveaway

    Now is your chance to win something super amazing!  We want to know how you #MomSneak your favorite shows or movies!  All you have to do is share with me via a comment or by visiting my Instagram post how you sneak in your “me time” by using the hashtag #MomSneak.  You HAVE to use the hashtag #MomSneak in your comment to qualify so don’t forget to use it!  One reader will have the opportunity to win a 6-month subscription to Netflix!!!  You can share your personal story or you can share a photo of you doing your best #MomSneak! You can be creative or not…just make sure you use the hashtag to qualify!  (I think I’ve stressed that enough…use the hashtag #MomSneak to qualify!!!!)  This giveaway will end on August 01, 2017 at 6pm CST.



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    1. I’m not seeing any comments here but I’ll leave mine here and on instagram.

      I use chromecast to watch my tv series’s from my computer to the tv. We don’t have netflix, hulu, or anything like that so I find a website that I can cast from in order to #MomSneak. I wish I could watch in the bathroom, I guess I could if I felt like taking my laptop in with me. ipad or tablet would be easier!

      Thank you for the giveaway.

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