Snow, Santa, and the flu

It’s Sunday morning, 5am, on December 23. I see a shadow walk through the bedroom door. I hear faint whimpers and groans coming from beneath a blanket. Suddenly, the small, tiny shadowy figure climbs quietly in to bed and lays his head onto my pillow. Without saying a word, I reach over and brush my hand over his head. Just then, my 3 year old rolls over and cries out to me. I knew then something was wrong. I jumped up to take his temperature, 103. I quickly grabbed some medicine to help is fever go down. Great, just great! The day before Christmas Eve and my little man is so sick. The rest of the day, he just lay in bed and slept. Not like a 3 year old to sleep. I just knew this was a different type of illness. He has been sick before and usually once the meds kick in, he is up and playing. But not this time. I just had to keep the 2 boys away from each other.

The next morning, more of the same. 102 to 103. I called his doctor and got an appointment right away. I made one for my other son just in case. Flu test for Blake came back… Positive. Flu test for Braden came back… Positive. UGH! The doctor looked over their charts and asked why I didn’t get a flu shot this year. YIKES!!! Slipped my mind! Seriously! I am usually on top of things too. Now, they have to pay the price.

Christmas Eve family dinner had to be canceled. Boys were very upset and thought Santa wouldn’t come. I had to make sure to reassure them both, Santa would come. Both boys were sound asleep by 630pm Christmas Eve. The most quietest Christmas Eve in a very long time.

Christmas morning the flu had taken its toll on Braden. However, nothing can put a smile on a child’s face like Santa can. However, 10 minutes of excitement was all my little ones could handle. They both laid quietly on the floor, toys in hand, trying to rest and save their energy. It broke my heart and hated to see my babies so sick.

Braden had said to me earlier that it wasn’t Christmas unless it snows. LOL. We live in Texas and that is about as rare as it comes. Well, someone must have been listening because we got a white Christmas that day. He was so excited. I opened his curtains and blinds and he just laid in his bed watching the snow fall for hours. He begged to go outside to play, but I just couldn’t risk it. He was already so sick.

It is now Thursday and we are finally getting over the flu. I will NEVER forget to get my boys their flu shots. NEVER! I know this Christmas was not an ideal Christmas. We didn’t have the family gathering from all around. No, gifts were exchanged, no feasts were served, no carols were sung, and no glasses to toast. But, even though we planned for months, day in and day out, to make sure this Christmas was memorable, it will always be one we never forget.