Spooky Children’s Halloween Costumes

While looking for Halloween costumes online, I have to say some of these costumes are quite scary– to me as a parent.  Trying to find a a costume for a 9 year old girl is tough nowadays– umm I’m good without all the fishnets.

Here are just a couple I thought were quite spooky for parents.  However, some of these costumes had good reviews from parents who purchased them for their kids.  Perhaps I’m a fuddy duddy…

But I don’t want my son talking about keeping his pimp hand strong..

Or mommy after one of my girls ratted me out, I landed up in jail and now I’m a Jail breaker..

While I was in jail I meet this little convict cutie..

Marketed for Tweens

News flash girls it’s not cute! Prison and Jail are no no’s and please don’t end up with a jail breaker.

And I don’t think I have to say why I feel the way I do about this French Maid outfit for girls.

What are your thoughts?