Spring Break Day 2 and 3

Wow, are we already halfway through our Spring Break??? Say it isn’t so? Yesterday was a fantastic day! I can not believe what we all did!

First, we woke up bright and early at 7am, got dressed and headed out the door by 8am. We are lucky enough that we have a super awesome connection to the GM at the Angelika Film Center, an indie film (some mainstream) movie house. It’s where you can go to see majority of the films will most likely be nominated for awards and they are home to the Dallas International Film Festival and other festivals. That’s right. My hubby is the General Manager and managed to get us our own private theater, before they opened, to watch the boys favorite movie, The Lion King. We brought our own candy, but got pop corn and drinks there. The boys were so excited. They loved the movie, of course, and they were thrilled to sit in the theater and watch it.

Once the movie was over, we headed out for a short 6min drive to the Dallas Art Museum. Right now they are offering free general admission for everyone. Perfect! Something free, but cost $10.00 to park. Oh well. We walked in and about 5 min Blake decided to stand on the base of a very priceless statue and that was it for us. We turned around and headed out the front door. My heart nearly dropped and knew after all the candy, drinks, and popcorn, we needed to burn off some energy before returning. 🙂 We headed across the street to the brand new, Klyde Warren Park. It was built on top of a major highway and is surrounded by all the giant skyscrapers. Our version of Central Park. 🙂 We made a bee line straight for the kids area and let them run loose! Lots of hills, water structures, things to climb on, spin around, jump, roll, slide, and bounce around.

Lunch break. With it being a gorgeous 75 degrees out side, a picnic in the park was a must for us! My hubby headed over to one of the many gourmet food trucks that were set up along the side of the park. While waiting, I noticed some “odd” things going around. To my surprise, we were sitting in the middle of a staged TV show for a hidden camera. Luckily we weren’t on the show, but we got to see first hand all the action. It was pretty neat. They set the stage of a hot dog vendor that was rude, crude, obnoxious, talked on his phone, read his paper, and everything else you can imagine for bad customer service. I tried to talk my husband into going to get into line, but I think the producers knew that we knew what they were doing. 🙂 It was still pretty neat.

After a few hours at the park, we headed over to Pinkberry for some soft serve frozen yogurt. After munching down on that we then headed to the mall and let the boys pick out a toy from the Disney Store and picked up a few goodies for ourselves as well. Our final stop was to Central Market for some fresh fish and fresh veggies for dinner. Herb Crusted Salmon with baked asparagus and rice. It was delish!!!

Boys had a fantastic time and were sound asleep by 6:45pm!!!

Today was our third day and we took it quite easy. I had a few errands to run but daddy and the boys went out to breakfast and to the park to play. We took the afternoon for rest and played outside in the water. Yes, the water! We had the sprinklers on and it was in the 80s today. To end the night we went for ice cream. They are sleeping soundly now. I think tomorrow will be a full day of rest for them!!!