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Product Review Policy

Updated 3/25/2015

As with anything in life, there are rules.  There are also rules when it comes to submitting your product for review.  These rules are very easy and simple to follow.  First I must say that I love working with PR reps, company owners, designers, you name it.  However, we must get some things straight or our relationship may not work to either of our benefits and really, that is what we are all aiming to do; work together, help each other and make sure it is an equal return on investment, right?

So, with that said, here are a few things you should know.

1.  While our reviews are free of charge, our time is not.  What exactly does that mean?  Simply put, while you may think it’s “just a review”, a lot goes into that review.  A lot of our time goes into that review by testing it,  taking pictures of it, editing those pictures as necessary, posting the photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and then you have the time it takes to compose the actual blog post.   A lot of time goes into preparing for that blog post.  Then that blog post needs to be promoted.  So, from start to finish, you’re looking at 2 hours easily.  That is what you are paying for in the long run.  Knowing that, would you work 2 plus hours for free or for a product that cost $2.99?  I didn’t think so.  Which brings me to:

Rule #1  –>  We require that the minimum retail value must be or is equal to $100 of more for the review to be considered free of charge.  If the product is less than $100 you will be charged a review posting fee.  What if you have a $2.99 retail value product?  Well then be prepared to send us 34 of them, or you will be charged the posting fee.  Keeping in mind…our time is as valuable as yours.

2.  We are a family-friendly website and will only review family-friendly products.  We reserve the right to refuse or decline any review that does not meet the family-friendly standard requirement.

3.  We require a full-sized product for review.  This is done so that we can test the products in the way a consumer will see/receive it and use it.  Sample sizes will not be reviewed.

  • If you have a product that requires a size {such as clothing or shoes}, color or design options {such as clothing, accessories, home decor, etc…}, please email us first before sending product so we can select which is best for us to fully review.

4.  Submitting a product does NOT guarantee a review.  If your product does not receive a review, you will not be receiving your products back.  They will most likely be donated to Goodwill or a charity that might be able to use it. 

5.  Product will NOT be returned.  We require all products that are submitted to be non-returnable.  The reason for that is simple.  We will be using it.  Would you want to use something someone else did?  

6.  We will process your review within 2-6 weeks based on our availability and the nature of the product.  If you have a date in mind that you are working to have a review completed by, please let us know and we will see if we can work it into our calendar sooner.

7.  Once our review is online, we will email you with the link and share with you our social media sites so you can FB share, retweet, repost, or repin your review for extra exposure and promotion.

  • We will also include in our email, we will provide you with a 300×250 & 125×125 button that you can use on your website or blog.  You can use that to link directly back to your review if you’d like.

8.  Upon a negative review, we will be in contact with you and you will have the option then to proceed with the negative review or decline the review.  Our goal here is to be honest.  If we find something that doesn’t meet our standards, we owe that information to our readers.

That brings me to:

RULE #2  –>   Tots To Teens Magazine follows the rules and guidelines set by the FTC.  You can read about our disclosure policy here.

Tots To Teens Magazine is a online magazine geared to parents and buyers of toddler, kids, tweens and teen products and users of their respective services.  We do publish an annual digital holiday gift guide and some of our favorite products reviewed through out the year could be featured in that as well. Again, that is not a guarantee!

Email us prior to blindly sending in product for consideration.  It will save us all a lot of time and/or money.

Please send all pitches and related information to:

Submit products to:
Tots To Teens Magazine
2819 Twin Falls Dr.
Plainfield, Il 60586

I cannot stress this enough!!! Submitting your product does not guarantee guide placement!  Products will be used, tested, and reviewed to determine if it is a fit for the various buyers guides.  Products will not be returned.