Suicide Prevention Month

This month is suicide prevention month, and although it is a tough topic it is one we should all talk about.  On September 11th I was going through my Twitter thread and there I saw Cristi Comes a.k.a @MotherUnadorned tweet about being a #BlueBlogger.  She had dyed all of her hair blue, because she met her goal and raised money for suicide prevention.  I wanted to help; I wanted to be a part of bringing more attention to suicide prevention.  I tweeted her back to let her know I was on board.  This past Monday I too added blue to my hair.  But dying my hair blue was not enough I needed to share with you ways you too could help.

The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention takes donations to assist with founding programs and research for suicide prevention.

Walk to Save Lives

Network for Good gives you many organizations that accept donations for suicide prevention as well as where to volunteer.

Next I want to share why it has taken me a while to post this article.  I wanted to let you know how this topic has touched my life in a way I thought it never would.  How the pain affects so many after one person’s decision.

That Sunday when I agreed to become a Blue Blogger to spread awareness, I didn’t think I would have to feel the pain of a suicide attempt days later.  September 16th, I got the call from my best friend that her foster brother had tried to take his life, and he was in ICU. Needless to say this past week has been tough; we were all waiting for Robert to pull through.  I had never meet Robert, but here I was so closely intertwined.  I spoke to 13 year-old Robert over the phone miles away pleading for him to open his eyes and come back to us.  I just knew he had to pull through; he had already defied so many odds.

My past week went from painful to a whole new level of pain.  September 22nd we lost Robert, and I cannot describe how painful it was to hear.  This young man who had so much to live for, lost his life by his own hands. Why did he decide this was the way?  It pains me to even share that we lost a child last week–A CHILD.

The hurt that suicide puts on the hearts of many daily is never truly factored in.  I had to feel that pain and I wish I had not.  My best friend’s family are enduring the pain of having to burry a child and cope with his loss—I wish they were not.  They have to walk in the door daily and know he is no longer there, they will never see his smile, hear his laugh, and hug him close again.  That pain is unimaginable to many, but sadly this is the pain families all over the world deal with daily. A person dies by suicide every 16 minutes in the United States, claiming over 33,000 lives each year (AFSP).  I have been told Robert was a sweet young man; he built a birdhouse and watched birds come to his birdhouse.  He made a dollhouse bed for another child in the home.  Robert will be missed and he will always be loved.  Rest in Peace Robert we all love you.




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  1. I just have tears in my eyes over this. Its heartbreaking that a child so young so full of life has been lost. Thank you for spreading the message of suicide prevention. You are a true gift. I’m so sorry for your pain and for that of your friend’s family and all those who lost Robert. May he rest in peace. xo

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