Surviving the summer heat

It gets very hot here in Texas. Very HOT! It’s typical to surpass the 100 degree mark daily throughout the summer months and been known to get up to 105 and then some. So, how do we beat the heat? Water and air conditioning. Lots of water and lots of air conditioning. 🙂 We are lucky have been able to move in to a neighborhood with a fabulous pool and splash park in walking distance. Plus, we are prepared this year with our very own water slide in the back yard. YAY!

(Yes that is Blake in his underwear. He couldn’t wait a single moment longer to get into the water.)

We purchased our Step2 brand slide at Toys R Us for $349.99.

Here are a few other ways to help you beat the summer heat and have some fun in your own backyard.


If you do not live near a splash park, make your own!

Visit HomeSpun Treads for info on how to build your own splash pad.

Don’t want the mess of a traditional pinata or the sugar rush from the candy? Try this water balloon pinata. Also makes a fun summer activity or game.

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Want a more controlled sprinkler play time? Re use an old 2 liter bottle to make this shower sprinkler! Would be great for after swimming in the pool or lake, fun in the back yard, and fun activities.

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Have a wonderful summer!

2 thoughts on “Surviving the summer heat

  1. Hi there, was just researching this waterside and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me how old are the kids in the photo?

    After its had some use now, do you recommend it?


    1. Michelle, my boys are 4 and 5 at the time and their friends are 4 and 7. We used it for a few parties over the summer and the kids ranged from 3 up to 8. Everyone LOVED it. It was wonderful. Best purchased we made.

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