Teeth Fairies – A Baby Teeth Tradition {Review}

Start a Baby Teeth Tradition!


There are certain things that I wish I could have or would have done differently with my children but I didn’t know any better at the time, or, it just wasn’t something I thought of.  Those things are usually little ones that make you say, “Now why didn’t I think of doing that”…or, “I wasn’t very organized when you were little”….wait, I’m still not organized! :O


I was able to receive the Teeth Fairies-A Baby Teeth Tradition set {retails for $49.99}, I knew it was one of those products I wish I had for my kids as they were losing their baby teeth.  Inside the keepsake box you will receive a plush tooth fairy doll and hardcover book.  The doll itself it brightly colored and just screams happiness when you see her in person.  She has a shiny deep magenta color skirt, yellow, turquoise and orange top and turquoise shiny wings.  Her face is all stitched so there are no hazards to worry about there.  Her smile is adorable and she is topped off with a shiny gold crown with a tiny tooth pocket positioned in the middle.   {She made me fly her around the room before we took photos.}  It’s a great way to celebrate the loss of baby tooth after baby tooth while creating a beautiful, long-lasting memory with your child.


The book itself shares a lovely story about the tooth fairy and how she can’t possibly see all the children in the world so each child is assigned their own special tooth fairy.  As soon as a tooth becomes loose, the teeth fairies fly right down where they are presented with the final test…handling your little ones tooth.  The tooth fairy will take your tooth and leave you a special treat!  Your little ones fairy will report back to the Tooth Fairly with all her findings -did she/he brush good, eat healthy foods…she watches everything!  It continues on in greater detail as to how the fairies travel, what they look for and what they do with all those teeth!  The very last page of the book is a tooth log so you can document the dates of each tooth that has been lost.  This story is well told and illustrated beautifully!  It is without a doubt one of the best books explaining what the tooth fairy does and who she is.  It’s one book that I would recommend all parents get!  It is something that your child will cherish and possibly share with their own children when they have them.

To learn more about the Teeth Fairies, please visit teethfairies.com