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    The Perfect Gift for Daddy-to-be

    Don’t leave Daddy out! Do you know a Daddy-to-be who will be welcoming baby into the world soon?  If so DaddyScrubs will make the perfect gift for him.  Daddy’s are a part of the birthing experience too– we have seen Mommies bring their babies into the world wearing stylish hospital gowns– Dads have their own scrubs.. DaddyScrubs.

    Not only will DaddyScrubs bring some attention to Dad {the coolest dad on the birthing  room floor} but the scrubs are comfortable as well.  Comfort is important for the hospital stay… as well as those days when dad decides to wear his scrubs at home too.  Our Daddy reviewer is happy with his new Daddy Duds, and couldn’t be more surprised that the scrubs are comfortable.  Just so there is no confusion– besides Daddy’s big happy smile that will be from ear-to-ear,  DaddyScrubs boasts “I’m the Daddy” proudly on the back, “Daddy” on the front and DaddySrcubs.Com on one pant leg.

    DaddyScrubs creates and sells Daddy Gear for all stages of fatherhood Perfect for Father’s Day!


    You can purchase all your Daddy Gear at DaddyScrubs.Com.

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