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    The power of being a parent

    7 years ago today my son was born.
    Little did I know that he would change my life.
    He has brought so much joy, happiness, and laughter to this family.
    He loves deeply, cares for others, and protects his little sisters.
    He has a mix of mine and my husbands humor.
    Total HAM.
    I had him at the age of 19.
    Maternal instincts kicked in and I was in love with being a mom.
    Being a YOUNG mom just means that I get to spend that many more years with him.
    He is an amazing big brother.
    He kisses my hand and cheek and tells me he loves me.
    He tells me I’m a beautiful mommy..
    He loves God, loves to pray and seek Him.
    What more could a mother ask for?
    I pray everyday that He would always walk in God’s path.
    That I would be able to raise Him up to be a Godly man and treat his wife well.
    Even though I daily make mistakes and can sometimes feel like I’m failing as a parent, He can look at me and think I am super mom.
    I have to remind myself all the time that I AM shaping the person he is to become.
    I am shaping his behaviors, his likes and dislikes, and his HABITS.
    It really is scary and overwhelming when you think about, as parents, that  as children we are molding who they will be as adults.
    Cleanliness…hygiene…how they eat.
    Every detail of who they are.
    Their morals and values.
    So today I encourage you to think deeply about how you are guarding their hearts.
    What do you allow them to see?
    What are they exposed to?
    Guard their little hearts and eyes.
    Keep them as innocent as you can for as long as you can for one day I will look back and think where did time go?
    He’ll have a family of his own and he will be teaching his children the things that I taught him.
    His future starts with YOU.
     xoxo, Teryn


    1. I remember people telling me to enjoy it now because it goes by quickly…didn’t believe them, now my “baby” is 17 – where did the time go! Stay blessed and enjoy because the time will go quickly….

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