The return of the Botox Mom

We now know the Botox mom used an alias when doing her interview with the media– her real name is Sheena Upton, and Sheena has a ton of explaining to do.  Sheena has now gone on record saying she has not given her daughter Botox injections.  Sheena says the story was made up for her to receive compensation.  In an interview with Sheena says the story was a hoax set-up by The Sun–a London tabloid in which she was originally paid $200.  The Sun denies Sheena’s claim.  Sheena’s daughter was taken away by Child Protective Services, but her daughter was given back to her with supervised custody per ABC News.

Sheena said her daughter was examined and the examination showed no signs of Botox injections..

Is $200 worth all this?  The child has gone through so much and the lessons her mother is teaching her is lying and manipulation.  Not to mention trauma. Please let us know what you think.