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    Thoughts on Back to School

    Today is the first day back to school. SHOOT ME NOW!

    That means getting up even earlier and getting 3 kids dressed and decent just to drop 1 off at school every morning.

    I’m not one of those moms that loves when the kids go back to school.

    I’m not jumping for joy with excitement and I don’t think I will ever be.

    Each school year that passes means my babies are growing up.

    I’m still not ready to accept it.

    Each year  means one year closer to them going off to college if they choose and I will never be ready for THAT.

    Each year also means one step closer to dating, driving, make-up, bras and the too cool for mom’s kisses stage.

    I swear I will hold them to the ground and kiss them all over their faces if they try to pull that.

    I’m not ready to jump up, pack Luke’s lunch, get everyone dressed, put the baby in the car seat then rush off to school.

    To be honest, I am NOT the mom who looks gorgeous, all dressed with make up while dropping off the kids at school.

    I’m the mom still in my PJs, no bra, no make up, sunglasses on and hair in a bun.

    The mom who doesn’t help the kids out of the car because I look like the white trash kinda mom.

    Major points to the mom who has the energy to look like a MILF when dropping the kids off at school in the mornings because I don’t.

    BUT, on the other hand, I am the mom who hugs and kisses a lot before he jumps out of the car.

    I am the mom who writes encouraging and loving notes and puts them in his lunch pail.

    I am the mom who makes sure his hair is spiked and he has clean clothes.

    I am the mom that gives him cool school supplies and helps make all of his projects cool.

    I am the mom that packs extra healthy lunches.

    Cheese cut into shapes, sandwiches cut into the batman logo.

    I am the mom that loves much and puts my kids first.

    So school has started, my schedule is now changed again and my baby boy is now a 1st grader.

    Bitter sweet.

    XOXO, Teryn





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