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    Throwback Shows! #NetflixKids

    Do you ever catch your kids watching television shows that you once watched as a child?  I remember loving Full House and The Wonder Years to name a couple, but it’s even weirder to see your kids enjoying those same tv shows!  I thought why not go all out and have them watch some movies and tv shows that I remember watching and loving back in “my day”.  That is what we did this past weekend.  They were off school on Friday and we had a kid-friendly fun movie night that actually lasted throughout the long weekend.  You may even remember a few yourself and for a good laugh, I encourage you to watch them again as an adult!  You might catch yourself saying things like, “Wow, look at that outfit”, or “OMG I can’t believe the cell phones looked like extra long bricks”, or “Why on Earth did I even like this show?”…either way, I’m sure you will feel very old and get a good chuckle out of what you see.  Remember any of these?




    Here were the ones on our list of movies to watch:

    • Grease  {One of my most favorites growing up}
    • Footloose  {who didn’t want to have a cool boyfriend that could dance?}
    • The Breakfast Club  {Remember trying to find a place to “fit” in?}
    • Dirty Dancing  {Why was Baby in the corner anyway?}



    Then we had a list of old tv shows to watch:

    • Saved By The Bell  {Can your teen spot a player?}
    • Dawson’s Creek  {Friendship at it’s finest!}
    • The Wonder Years  {A lot of shows mimic this one now days}
    • Family Ties  {Alex Keaton…that’s all I’m sayin}




    My kids sadly didn’t stay as interested as I was in some, but we did have a good time going down mom & dad’s memory lane!  We talked about things they had in the “old days” {which it’s hard as it is for me to hear my youth being called “the olden days”}.  They did enjoy the movies and Saved By The Bell and Dawson’s Creek was also a hit.




    To make the night even more fun have the kids create a throwback craft!  Shrinky Dinks!  Remember those?  I used to LOVE them!  I could sit there for hours watching the little plastic pieces of paper shrink up to nothing!  Half the time I didn’t even cut them good and they came out all misshaped and wonky looking but I didn’t care, it was FUN!


    What was your favorite show growing up?  Do you have any fun memories with either a tv show or movie, or how about a fun craft of throwback snack?  I bet when you start thinking about it, you’ll smile!







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