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    My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Movie’s! {#MerryBlogmas}

    It’s time for Holiday Movies!


    My Top 5 Movies



    This time of the year is one of my favorites for movie watching.  The kids are home on the weekends and it just becomes a wonderful time to spend together.  I’m not going to lie, I secretly like when it gets colder outside because it’s like my family’s time for hibernating.  My kids don’t do cold weather well, so 9 times out of 10 they are home.  When we are all in the mood, we pile up on the couches, grab some blankets, start a fire in the fireplace and pop some popcorn.  Now, when it’s time for the holiday, I go into holiday movie mode.  I will either find any and every holiday movie and watch it, or turn on the Hallmark channel and watch my feel good holiday movies.  I could actually watch the Hallmark channel all day, every day.  There is never, ever a sad or unhappy ending.  I like that.  You’ll be surprised that I do not mention any traditional movies and that’s because I find them blah now and over done.  You can disagree, that’s ok.  Anyway, when I think of the holidays I can tell you on one hand which ones are my top 5 and I’ll share them with you…


    5.  Christmas with the Kranks

    4.  Four Christmases

    3.  Bad Santa

    2.  The Santa Clause

    1.  Elf


    I like these 5 the most for various reasons.  Christmas with the Kranks focuses on your children {or in this case, child} leaves home and you start to plan the holiday for yourself, with the kids not being the focus.  Then all of a sudden, your children say they are coming over and instead of telling them you will be spending time alone on an island, you rush around trying to make your holiday exactly how they remember it.  In the end, you, yourself learn a few valuable lessons about neighbors, friends and family and the importance of traditions.  Four Christmases reminds me of all our holidays running from house to house to see and be with everyone that is important to you.  Plus, I really love Vince Vaughn, so I’m loving anything he is in…it’s just a given.  Bad Santa – well, who doesn’t want to just live outside the box and cause trouble from time to time, even during the holidays?  Not one I’d recommend to watch with the kids, but it is still a great movie to watch during the holiday.  The Santa Clause just makes me laugh because again, Tim Allen makes the movie.  Just when you think you’re too old to believe in the power of Santa, you better think again because there is a little kid in all of us, especially during the holiday.  You must believe!!  You just must!


    My all time, watch it over and over again, day after day movie is Elf.  I could recite the entire movie if I had to!  I watch it a few times a year and it never, ever gets old.  I find something new to laugh at each and every time.  I mean really, “Hello, Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”.  It really brings out the little kid in me and it is always a bonding moment with my kids.  There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with two little ones {the big one sits on a comfy chair on the opposite side of the room}, a fluffy pup, a big blanket, and popcorn to watch one of the best movies in the entire universe!  We have started calling my husband the “angry elf” for his bah hum bug holiday spirit.  And, we will be watching it again this weekend after some holiday baking.  


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    What is your favorite holiday movie?


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