Traveling with Kurio Touch 4S

We recently took a trip to Orlando and we were lucky enough to receive the items in the above photo to test and review.  We drove to Orlando [which I will never do again…see why here], so being in the car for 18+ hours with three kids was horrifying…I’ll leave you to think of your own complaints because I’m sure I heard all of them those two days.  We took everything with us in the Kurio Case and it fit perfectly.  We had the Kurio Touch 4S, the charging kit, headphones, and wall charger with us at all times.

Let me tell you, we had a lot of fun with this.  I think the reason we enjoy it so much is that we are an Apple family.  Everything we own is pretty much Apple related that it was nice to experiment with another platform.  It’s actually a little bit bigger than an iPhone5 (it’s a 4″ handheld device).  I enjoyed that it is kid-safe, meaning, I can filter things so that the kids can surf the web safely (yes, it’s wifi compatible).  I also like that you can set up separate users so that each kid could have their own “space” so to speak.  You can actually create up to 4 separate users profiles on the Kurio Touch 4S.  With setting up separate user profiles, each one can have their own apps, games, music, videos, etc…it’s all custom to their likes.  The unit does come preloaded with A LOT of games and applications like Angry Birds Space {which we went to the Kennedy Space Center and they had that there so it was fun to play and get used to it before our arrival}, iHeartRadio, coloring apps and many, many more!  You also have access to thousands more using the Android app stores.  AND BEST PART…they are Netflix, YouTube and Skype compatible which means, everyone is happy, even me!  Another plus {as if you need more reasons to pick one up…} they are only $79.99!!!

My favorite was bowling and the word game {that I had to share in the photo}.  Yep, I got a strike! 🙂  I’m really not sure who was having more fun with this new little toy, me or the kids.  I’m kind of leaning towards me, ha!  It was a great compact distractor while we were driving and when ever the kids were bored, they pulled it out of my purse and played it for a while.  I still keep it in my purse too and love the other apps on there that are more organizational.  I couldn’t have imagined what my car ride would have been like if we didn’t have the Kurio Touch 4S with us to help pass the time.  It receives 10 thumbs up {because there are five of us *wink}.  For more information, visit, or you can follow along on Twitter or Facebook.  It takes a bit of time to get used to it if you are not an Android user, but once you know what you’re doing, you’re going to have fun with it, watch and see!


Are you an Android user or Apple user?