TwoAlity – Product Review

TwoAlity Textability Wristlet 

Have you ever been stuck digging around for your phone in your purse, handbag, tote, or what ever you carry?  I have and it’s never a pleasant experience trying to find it.  My kids get irritated and people around me get irritated because the phone keeps ringing and ringing!  Sometimes when I need to run into the store to pick something up real quick, I hate dragging my entire purse with me.  I actually am not a big fan of a purse, but I need one, so I use one.

When I received the TwoAlity wristlet {$14.99 each} to test out I was so happy because I loathe carrying a purse.  I love this little wristlet because it is clear on one side making finding my phone super easy!!!  Not only that but I don’t even have to take it out of the wristlet because the plastic is made with texting in mind!  You can easily swipe and text on your phone without having to remove it from your wrist!  It’s super cool!  I can toss my keys, a few bucks, and my debit card…and some lipstick or gloss!  It all fits!!  I even like it because it can fit in my purse and with the clasp on it, I can attach it to my purse strap and automatically know where my phone is!  It’s also great for bringing along to the beach or pool…just attach the clasp to your beach tote!

TwoAlity Wristlet


Now for the quality.  I am very, very pleased with that too.  The heavy duty zipper makes me feel confident that my phone won’t suddenly fall out!  The strap is big enough to hold in my hand or carry it on my forearm. The TwoAlity wristlet is 5’’ tall, 7’’ wide. The wrist strap is 11’’ long, including the clasp.   Made in the USA!

The TwoAlity wristlet is great for tween, teens and moms!  It’s great for gift giving, even if you have to gift it to yourself, it’s totally worth it!  And the price, $14.99… I mean, come on now! 🙂

Next time you’re running out…don’t forget your TwoAlity wristlet!




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