Vegas bound!

I get a call from my husband asking me if I would like to go to Vegas for a week, all expenses paid? Hmmm. Let me think about that for a sec. Um yeah! Who wouldn’t! He is being sent to Las Vegas for a week for work and gets to bring a guest. All expenses paid for both!!! WOW! Sign me up! We have never been on a vacation, longer then one night, with out the kids. EVER! Almost 6 years! All of our recent trips have been to Disney World, Sea World, and such. Child friendly resorts and activities. I am so looking forward and so need it! However, I am a bit nervous cause I have NEVER been away from the boys longer then one night since they were born. Well, I spent 3 days in the hospital away from Braden while I was giving birth to Blake, but he came up there and I got to see him daily. But, then I was with Blake the whole time, so really not away from them completely. I know I will freak out! But, I need some time away and time to our self for a bit. 🙂