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    Verified Mom: Lisa shares her MLK story

    Sometimes our kids just make us so proud and today we are sharing an insightful story from our Verified Mom reader, Lisa W.

    Reader Lisa shares MLK motherhood story


    Being that today is Martin Luther King Day I’d like to share a moment I had with my 7 year old last week. So in her 1st grade class she was introduced to the story of who Martin Luther King Jr. was and the impact he made upon racial discrimination. I go to pick her up from school and she so excited with what she had learned that day all about him and began to tell me everything with great detail and confidence she obviously soaked it all in and listened so I told her “thats great Summer, so proud of you that you listened and learned all about it.”  


    Later that evening she sat at the dinner table and seemed upset and began to loose that excitement about what she had learned that day and it turned into sadness and she just began to cry hard and I said, “what’s wrong??” She said, “why were people so mean to people because of their skin color I don’t understand it’s so mean and why did people with different color skin have to drink out of different water fountains, why mom, if they’re a nice person that’s all that matter’s, right???!! 


    I just sat there speechless and proud that my 7 year old put it so eloquently in her own words that some grown ups don’t even get.  Not sure if there’s a moral to this story but it’s a good share for this day of observance of MLK. 


    Do you have a proud motherhood moment?  If so, share your story with us by sending a photo and story to vm@verifiedmom.com




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