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    Verified Mom Reviews & My New Direction!

    Hi, all!  It’s been a really long time and I truly apologize for that.  After the holiday I think I fell into somewhat of a slump and really lost interest in everything blogging.  As a blogger, it happens to the best of us and the only thing we can do is either force content out that really has no meaning, or ride out the writing wave and let things come naturally.  I chose to hang on tightly and just ride out the storm.  But what happens after that?  It’s not like some magical word fairy swoops down and dumps a bunch of words into your brain.  I started to think about what part of blogging made me the happiest and truly, the one thing I miss the most was writing reviews.  Yes, reviews.  The story goes like this…

    Verified Mom shares Verified Reviews!

    I had a blog a while back, Tots To Teens Magazine.  I started writing reviews on it and slowly started added contributing writers and eventually created a digital magazine.  While it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun.  I miss that chaos and craziness.  With all that went into it, it also brought me a lot of joy and experience.  I, along with a few other writers would share content on parenting, cooking, DIY, product reviews and occasionally we would share personal essays.  After about 5 years I closed that site down because I simply didn’t have any more “tots” to write about and as my kids got older, there were just certain things I could no longer share.  So, I started Verified Mom.  

    While I love Verified Mom and the stories I have shared, it just somehow felt incomplete to me.  I started to think that what I was really missing in all of this was the “fun” that I once had.  I tried to reinvent the wheel and it just didn’t work for me.  So what’s next for myself and Verified Mom?  It seems like a no-brainer.  I am bringing back the reviews and maybe, just maybe, a digital magazine for the holidays!   

    What can you expect from these reviews?  Honesty.

    I guess what I’m saying is welcome to Verified Mom sharing Verified Reviews!  What can you expect from these reviews?  Honesty.  The Verified Mom Reviews posts will not be filled with fluff just because it’s politically correct.  If there is something that I don’t like, or that I feel you should know about the product, I’m going to tell you.  If something is fantastic about the product, I’ll tell you.  I will also be sharing some videos about the product so you can get the best view of it the way it is, in action.  I am so excited to kick start this project off so the first review I will be sharing is one that I really, really enjoy and something that I use daily.  You’ll have to check back in to see what it is…or you can just sign up for my newsletters (check out the sidebar for details) and always stay in the know!

    I am super stoked and I hope that with this new platform, you’ll discover some products you never thought you’d love or use yourself! 🙂



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