Volunteer Rules & Requirements

1. Program Description
The Tots To Teens Volunteer Staff Editor program

2. Eligibility
Eligibility for this program is open to all individuals age 21 or older. There are no residency restrictions. Staff Editors must be able to communicate effectively in English.

3. Application
Complete the online application form at totstoteensmagazine.com. You must also include a writing sample or links to other social media content that you have created.

4. Selection Process
Selection of the Staff Editors be made by the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Applications will be reviewed on:

– Communication ability based on samples of content provided
– Creativity
– Variety of experiences

5. Staff Editor Requirements:
Staff Editors must provide a minimum of 8 blog entries during a 4 week time period. That comes down to a minimum of 2 blog entries per week. Staff Editors must add an introductory or bio entry introducing themselves and their family to our readers. All entries should include photos and/or video.

Staff Editors will be provided access to the blogging entry section of the Tots To Teens Magazine website.

Tots To Teens Magazine retains the right to review all blog content before it goes live, but will not edit the blog entry except in the event of offensive content (sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, illegal, offensive, threatening, profane, or harassing; as defined in the sole discretion of the Tots To Teens Magazine).

The blog entry will be open for user comments, and any industry partners mentioned in the blog entry will be permitted to post a comment, governed by the same restrictions against offensive content.

Staff Editors are encouraged to cross post blog content to a personal blog or other social media outlets, including, but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, message boards, etc.

The Staff Editor is responsible for compliance with all FTC rules and guides regarding disclosure of incentives when posting to other blogs and networks.

6. Other Terms and Conditions
Liability: Tots To Teens Magazine, Baby Swags, Phyllis Pometta, and its employees will not be held liable for any action of the Staff Editor while working on their assignment.