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    Wallie Exercises

    Wallie Exercises by Steve Ettinger, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer is a great book to show kids that it is ok to sweat…and have fun!

    Just because the weather is getting cooler in some parts of the country, it doesn’t mean your child should stop exercising!  Take Wallie for example; he likes to stay inside, sleeping, eating, and watching tv.  Sound familiar????  Wallie goes for a ride with his owner and is surprised to see other animals exercising and having fun!  He has to learn to get over some obstacles like, staying hydrated, and pushing past the pain and once he does, he realizes that he too can have fun while exercising.  The back of the book shares a few fun activities that you can share with your child to get them moving as well as some information on the importance of exercise, warming up and staying hydrated. You can find out more about this adorable pup by going to Wallie Exercises is available for $11.95 at

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