Saturday, April 13, 2024
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    Want a good laugh?

    Alrighty then, thought so!

    So last night Scotty had a baseball game. When it was over, I piled the kids into the van, threw in the purse, the little carry cooler thing, the snack, the chair, the baseball bag and on we went.

    I decided to take the kids to McDonalds for ICE CREAM (Thank you very much Trisha) so we are driving and I hear this little noise. Thinking that the noise was from out side, didn’t pay much attention to it. Then we get out of the drive thru and I hear this noise yet again only this time it is getting louder and closer to me. Yes, it was chirping noises. I go over this one lane bridge and can’t take it anymore. I am freaking out at this point. The kids are starting to freak out too because EEEWWWW a cricket in my VAN!!! EEEWWWW!!!!! I drive with my foot barely touching the ground, and the other leg is on my seat. I finally get to a spot where I can pull over and get all the kids out, and then I tell Scotty, “Go grab your baseball bag”, “Gianna get on the front seat”, “Alyssa stop being so jumpy”… We keep hearing the noise, so out comes the baseball bag, we listen, nothing….ok, I don’t want to get back into the van, that’s for sure, what if he hops on me!!! I put the baseball bag in the back of the van now. We all stare at the empty van. Some lady pulls over and asks if we are ok, I said, “Yes, we are just looking for the cricket in the van”, lol…we laugh. – She leaves, but I wanted her to stay and help me, I don’t want to drive home with a CRICKET in my van!!! I even tried to call Steve…as if he would have come to my rescue! NOT!!!

    All three of us are staring into the van and Alyssa says, “What’s that?” and points down. I look, say, EWWWW, it’s a CRICKET!!! Hurry, back in the van, hurry, hurry before it hops back in!!!! The kids run to the other side of the van and pile in, I get in on the passengers side, hop over the seats and drive away!!!

    It was the FUNNIEST thing that has happened in a very long time. The kids and I just laughed so hard on the way home! Happy to say that Mr. Cricket must have found his way into Scotty’s baseball bag and then found himself probably squished by my tire as I sped away!!!!!!

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