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    Weigh In Wednesday – #WeightWatchers #SimplyFilling

    Weigh In Wednesday - Weight Watchers, Simply Filling


    I’m a day late in posting this but still, I did weigh in yesterday so I’m posting my good news now!  As you may have read that I was giving Weight Watchers another go and if not, you can read about that here.   I have to admit that I am a horrible tracker.  I mean…horr-ible!  I basically don’t do it.  I hated counting points and I hated feeling like I had to stay within a certain amount of points.  Even though being on Weight Watchers does give you the options of eating what you want, gives you the extra points plus values, and even gives you the option of exercising to earn more points, it just didn’t work right for me.  However, while trying this again, I thought long and hard about the Simple Start/Simply Filling option and wondered if that would be a better option for me.  I dug out the Simple Start book that I got when I signed up and looked at the “list” of foods, power foods, that you can have.  I thought to myself that it may be better for me to eat off of a list of good foods rather than trying to fool myself into thinking I can have what ever I want, when I want it, without going overboard.  Yes, that is the whole purpose of being on Weight Watchers….to be able to eat what you want, without feeling the need to deprive yourself.  And, that might work for some, but not for me.  You still get the extra 49 points plus values with the Simple Start/Simply Filling method and you still get to earn exercise points too.  The only difference is that Simple Start/Simply Filling offers you a list.  A shopping list of foods that are your best friends.  It’s all basic stuff we know we should be eating, but don’t.  It’s very handy and I keep that list with me in my purse so if I ever have a question, I will just pull it out and check.  You should still write things down with Simple Start/Simply Filling, but last week I didn’t, this week I will.  


    So, back to my weight loss!  I followed the Simple Start/Simply Filling method for the week and was pleastantly surprised when I went to weigh in and was down 4.4 pounds {total now is 7 pounds lost}!  I couldn’t believe it!  The best part about it, I never ONCE felt hungry last week, not ONCE!!!  Here are a few key things I did differently last week that I am proud of…


    1.  Kids wanted cheeseburgers for dinner and french fries.  Instead of getting greasy fries, I made my own seasoned potato chip/fries.  I didn’t have any light hamburger buns or reduced calorie bread at the time, so I just ate mine without.  Yes, I ate regular cheese not the fat-free kind because I’d rather spend a couple points and have real cheese not plastic cheese.  High Five for me!


    2.  I would stand in front of the fridge and debate with myself if that one thing I wanted to eat with worth the points I had left to spend.   Was eating that piece of left over birthday cake worth it?  Yes, yes it was.  I ate it.  Not a huge piece, but one that I felt was ok…  I spent some points on it.


    3.  I snacked on cucumbers, grapes, watermelon, fruit smoothies made with skim milk…. I did good!


    4.  I was out and about all weekend and didn’t have time to plan one of my lunches.  Instead of driving through the drive through, I ran into the grocery store, grabbed 1/4 pound of shaved ham, thin seedless rye bread, and a small thing of mustard.  For less than $5.00 I had a good sandwich and went home with a loaf of bread and mustard {that was a bonus}.  It didn’t take any more time than me running into subway and my sandwich was probably better for me!


    5.  Kids and I were out running errands and they were hungry.  I stopped at Wendy’s.  I got a baked potato which is a power food, no butter, no sour cream, but I did get the cheese.  Didn’t eat all the cheese, just scrapped some of it off but I needed a little flavor and I counted the points on that.  Still, it filled me up and on my way I went.


    So you see, I didn’t completely starve myself, I just made BETTER choices!  That was the one thing I learned this past week.  There are many, many choices out there, but what really matters is how you make those choices.  I really gave everything I ate a good solid look, I questioned it, instead of just reaching to grab something to eat, I really stopped and thought about whether or not I was really hungry and if I was unsure, I grabbed another glass of Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea!


    I’m not looking to lose another 4.4 pound this coming week, but I will be using the tools I learned about the plan and about myself and will be applying them again.  I feel like I am in more control now than ever before.  I like to have a list of foods I can reference back to and see, can I really eat this?  Is it good for me?  I honestly was not starving at the end of every day.  I was satisfied.  I was simply filled…


    Next week I will share what I have eaten during the week so you can see…it isn’t that bad at all!


    How about you?  Have you tried Simple Start/Simply Filling?  What do you like or not like about it?  


    1. Congrats on such an impressive weight loss! I’m a lifetime WW member at goal and a huge fan of Simply Filling! Love all the positive steps you took this week to stick with the plan and nourish yourself. If you are in need of any recipe inspiration, I’ve been using my crock pot a lot since October to make WW friendly dishes.



      • Thank you! I’ll definitely take a look at your blog, I LOVE my crockpot and if I can make everything in it, I would! I was struggling this week but I did much better today and I’ll keep it up until I weigh in and hopefully I will see a loss…any loss is a good loss! 🙂 What is your favorite crockpot recipe?

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