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    Weigh In Wednesday @WeightWatchers

    Weekly Weigh in @WeightWatchers
    I was scared. We had a birthday, a bbq, and a holiday all thrown into one week. I wanted to journal but I just didn’t. Again, journaling isn’t a strong suit of mine so that part doesn’t surprise me at all. I did keep track in my head for as long as my memory allowed, which was a day’s worth of eating…then I forgot.


    I am following the Simply Filling plan and have found that to be the “thing” that works for me right now. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy having a “go-to” list of foods that are ok to eat. I seriously carry that list with me in my purse and I took a photo of it and have it stored on my phone. When ever I am in doubt, I check the list. If it isn’t on the list, I think twice about whether or not I want to eat it. Is it really worth consuming the extra points plus values or is there a better option there for me? Sometimes yes, yes it is worth the extra points plus values, like the time when I was at my brothers bbq…. I saw a cake on Pinterest {not sure where – maybe Betty Crocker???} anyway, when I saw this cake I knew I wanted to make it…so I did. I brought the {what I call, firecracker cake} to my brothers and I fully enjoyed a slice! I mean, look at it…doesn’t it look delish???


    4th of July "Firecracker" Cake


    Aside from enjoying my piece of cake {and from everything else I enjoyed eating over the busy week}, the test of all tests was hitting me today. Weigh in day. Did I do enough to secure a loss, or did I completely blow it by having my cake and other goodies along the way? Needless to say I was very nervous. The scale always makes me anxious. Either way, I was going to weigh in. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole meeting because I had my kiddos waiting for me in the car and when 3 tween/teens start texting you a billion times to hurry up…you do! (Don’t worry one kiddo is 16 and I did leave the car running with the AIR on…) Anyway, I pull in and take those steps to the door, and then the scale.


    I LOST!!! I actually LOST weight this week! I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself! I told the weigh in person (not sure if she is a leader per say) but I did say…out loud… “I’m doing this… I’m finally do this and it’s working!!!” I lost 1.6 pounds this week for a total of 8 pounds lost! I am only 2 pounds away from my first official 10 pound loss!!!


    I am making so many changes in my eating habits and while I still have those treats from time to time, I am finding that because I am eating more of the GOOD food, more of the RIGHT foods, I am not nearly as hungry as I thought I’d be. I am learning what my body is telling me. I am listening to my body and questioning carefully! When in doubt, I take a few drinks of water and if that doesn’t help, I look for some fruit or veggies to snack on. By that time, I’m off doing something else or that momentary “I have to eat something” feeling has subsided. It feels good to finally be in positive control of this weight-loss journey.


    So, this week, I am promising to write down what I’m eating and I’ll update here periodically so you can see what is going in, starting with yesterday:


    Wednesday – yogurt parfait from McDonald’s WITH the granola, 1 cup of medium pasta shells with meat sauce, 1 package of mini-chocolate chip cookies from Weight Watchers {they are so yummy & crunchy and 3 points for the bag – that I had to count}, 1 cup of whole grain thin spaghetti with meat sauce, cucumbers and light ranch dressing {I don’t like fat-free ranch so I count those points too} and yes, another piece of cake – this time it was chocolate with no frosting {and yes, again, had to count points on that} with a glass of skim milk. Now, I know they say to keep your points plus values to 7 per day, but ehhh, I don’t do that…just as long as I don’t exceed the 49 extra weekly point plus that are given, I think I’m fine. Oh and lots and lots of water. I haven’t begun to exercise yet, right now I am focusing on my eating and once I am confident in that {and sticking with it}, I will ease my way into it.


    Ok, so that was my weekly weigh in – in review! How did you do this week on your weight loss journey? What are you doing to help keep you on track?


    1. Thats awesome! It is so hard to lose weight when you have a bunch of family events going on.. so you must have more willpower than you realize!

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