Welcome home!

Well, I survived being away from my babies for the 3 days and had a fabulous time in Las Vegas. However, I feel as if I am getting too old to have that much fun! LOL We went for my husbands work, but also had some free time as well. Plus, some friends of ours met us up there and got to spend time with them as well. It was a lot of fun. So much fun, that upon our return, my sweet baby Blake gave me a wonderful present!

A trip to the pediatrician. He had a sore throat and sneezing, coughing, and slight temp. He just had a virus but progressively got worse over the weekend. He was throwing up, high temp of 104. It was nuts! We ended up back at the doctor on Monday and he has a double ear infection, stomach virus, slight dehydration, and temps. 🙁 It was a long weekend after a long week.

However, I am happy to report that after some seriously strong nausea meds he is doing much better and able to eat tonight and is drinking plenty of water.

It seems to me that my kids are always sick! It seems that way to a lot of people. But, when you live in a state where you have extremely unpredictable weather, 80s one day 30s next, and then 80s again, its hard for anyone to stay healthy. Plus, we found out that in Braden’s class at school, a little boy is a confirmed carrier of strep. 🙁 But, now that they are aware of his situation, they are treating him and we have been strep free for a while now. Thank goodness.

Since yesterday we had the air on and was 80 outside and tonight supposed to get down to 39, I just hope that we are passed all the illnesses!