What a morning!!!

My oldest son has started kindergarten. Time really does fly by. But, I find it extremely hard to get into a routine that works for us. We are going on our fourth week at school too. I used to be good at organizing my time, but for some reason I can not get the hang of it.

I wake up at 6am each morning. Well, closer to 6:20 after I snooze a few times.

Make lunches for the day. One for Braden, one for Blake, and one for me. I have tried to make them the night before, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Make breakfast for my little boys.

Wake said little boys no later then 6:45am

Then I have to get myself ready for the day while they eat breakfast.

Dress 2 little guys. They can dress themselves really, but I have to oversee. Braden has to wear uniforms and only allowed certain colors, items, etc.

Brush their teeth, hair, and make sure they both make a stop at the bathroom.

Make sure all Braden’s school items and homework has been completed and packed up

Head out the door by 7:15. The late bell rings at 7:30. We are lucky the school is only a 3min, if that, ride away.

Drop off my sweet kindergartener. I walk him to the school front doors, hugs and kisses, sometimes forced, and make sure he makes it into the school okay.

Head back home and prepare for preschool and work. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I work at Blake’s preschool to assist in his cost of tuition there.

Pack up his bags, nap items, lunch, and such as well as my lunch.

This is now a much needed rest time. Have 30min before we have to head out of the house at 8:10.

Head to preschool, about 20min away.

Drop him off at his class, say goodbyes and head in to do my work.

Our day at preschool ends at 2:30 and we head straight to the elementary school to pick Braden up at 3:05pm.

I always wait by the door to pick him up so when he comes out of the doors, I am right there waiting for him.

Arrive home and begin to unpack lunches, bags, set up homework. 3:30

I usually try to put on a movie or something to help the kids unwind while I do the dishes or prepare for dinner.

Work on our homework, if needed.

Around 5pm, I start dinner.

6pm is bath time, book time, and 7pm is bedtime.

If I don’t fall over from exhaustion, I sit down to relax and watch a little TV.

Then at 8pm, I head into my office to work on orders from my business, Creative Designs by Toni.

Finish there by 10 and head upstairs. I am usually in bed asleep, by 10:30 or 11.

I am tired just writing this!!! My Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little less hectic since I do not have to work on those days. But, that is the only time I can run my errands, clean the house, etc.