What happened to Barbie?

Many of you have probably heard of the Mattel Doll Clawdeen Wolf, who shaves and waxes– right?  People are up in arms because the doll waxes and shaves. However, I think there is something more we should consider.

The doll is marketed to girls 6-8 years of age, but the doll herself is 15 years old.  Clawdeen Wolf is part of a series entitled “Monster High”—hmm.

That doesn’t equal up Elementary + High School=?

Per Toys r Us website:
Killer design
Clawdeen’s hip style and attitude make her one of the coolest ghouls at Monster High.

Do 6-8 year-olds need to play with dolls with “killer design” (is that killer design– I got another name for that)?  I am not a lame-o I love style, I have tattoos, and yeah I am 30 and still watch MTV, but I am not giving these dolls to my girls. Believe me I watch a ton of reality junk, but after 8:30 p.m. when the kids are in bed.

Why? Because I know there are things that I watch that I don’t want my kids to watch.  As a parent I decide to filter these things in my kids life– to avoid allowing them (my kids) to see or hear things I do not feel are appropriate.

What I am saying is Mattel is still going to make these dolls,  because people are still going to purchase these dolls —it is up to you the parent to choose if this doll is suitable for your child.  Mattel probably would not make dolls like this if there weren’t a need or a want for a doll like this.  Mattel has to keep up with MGA entertainment the maker of The Bratz Dolls, the Bratz dolls have outsold Barbie in the past.

Untill then I am still waiting for the Rosie the Riveter Doll. Are you with me?

This picture hangs on my daughters' door.