What happened to UNITED?

I’m tired of the Blue vs. the Red, they and theirs– what about us and our?  If I remember correctly we are ONE NATION.  I’m disgusted with the divide, and the hate that sometimes comes from it.  I understand we all do not believe the same, but I do believe we can work together.

I know election time is coming and with that comes HATE MAIL… No thank you!  I’d rather you save a tree then send me your shtick on how horrible the other guy or gal is.  What happen to winning on your own merit?  What do you have to offer?

I remember 11 years ago feeling so sad and heartbroken. I wondered if we could ever overcome the tragedy of 9/11/2001.  However in those painful days that followed I saw humanity.  I saw strangers help one another, I saw a group of children hold the American flag and start their own parade– I saw UNITY.  I saw America.

Today we shall reflect– we will probably share our 9/11 stories with others, but this day should be a day to remember we are ONE.  Together we stand!  Perhaps I’m a dreamer, but I’d love to believe we could all work together for this country and our children’s future.

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Peace and Love.