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    What I have discovered…

    Growing up we have ideas of what it will be like to be a parent, whether a mom or a dad.  For us girls, being a mom always sounded like a wonderful thing to be.  Not knowing then, it is the hardest job ever!  We just knew as children that things got done, we didn’t understand or have the knowledge of how they got done exactly, we just had clean clothes, we always ate when we were hungry, and we always had a clean house.  Hmmm…how ‘did’ it get that way?   Well, I can tell you that my mom was a hard working woman and I didn’t realize that until I became a mom myself.  Now my kids are 9, 6 and 3 so it took me a while to really have that appreciation for my mom,  even though I always appreciated what I was given and that I had such wonderful, hard working, loving parents.

    I was thinking today that there are just certain things I do not like about being a mom.  Sure, I love that I was able to have children and that they call me mom, but maybe it isn’t even about being a mom, but more of being a stay at home mom.  I have discovered about myself that well, quite frankly I am not a domestic goddess.  I don’t like to cook, other than the regular dishes like frozen ravioli from Market Day, or the occasional steak, potatoes and corn,  or even my regular Sunday morning pancakes.  I am talking about making new dishes, really cooking with fresh veggies and all that stuff.  I am not a chef, nor claim to be one, but wouldn’t it be nice to even have that certain level of interest to cook?  Or if anything, the ability to pay someone to come in and do all the cooking for you?

    Then there is cleaning.  Gosh, I can tell you honestly, I absolutely hate cleaning.  When I was first married and had a smaller home & no children, I could keep up.  But really, three kids, a husband and running 2 businesses from my home keeps me busy enough.  So after a long hard look at finances and my dusty house, I had to make the call.  I called in the cleaners!  For a small $70.00 charge every two weeks, my house is spic and span clean!  My floors sparkle, my tub and toilets are super clean and sanitized, and wow, my stove is amazingly clean.  They even got the burnt grease off the burners!  I really had to weigh my options and decided it was either a clean house or a padded room.  That time I choose the clean house.

    Oh and it doesn’t stop there!!!  No, there is more!  The laundry.  Does it ever stop?  One load, then another and so on and so on, like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going!  This is another thing I discovered I disliked, the laundry.  You all are fully aware that the little sock fairy comes in and takes all your dirty wet socks and you are never to see that one sock ever again, right?  But then after you do the laundry, you HAVE to put it away or it just sits there because no one else can see the folded towels in the laundry basket just waiting for them to put themselves away.

    But the one thing that I have discovered that I do like, is that even with our frozen ravioli dinner, we all sit down at the table, eat dinner together and share the happenings of our day.  We get to come home every other Tuesday and actually smell how clean the house is and for that split second, it is heaven, until the first spilled juice box hits the floor.  And, on those rare occasions that one or more child actually wants to help fold the cloths, just to help out mom.

    I have discovered that a Mom’s life is never a dull moment, yet I have discovered that a Mom’s life is a blessing for we then have the ability to see, it is the toughest job.


    1. So true, how funny that I was going through these thoughts myself today. I’m running a business from my home, and have 2 children and a husband and my business partner is currently living with us so i have him to watch too 🙂 A mom’s job is never done that’s certainly for sure. This weekend my daughter and I found some time and made everyone oatmeal butterscotch cookies and I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I was that I could do that. It’s nice to get a moment of real perspective every once in a while.

      Great blog post.. nice to see someone else feeling it. (you should SEE my laundry pile right now.. it’s glaring at me 🙂

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