When it rains it pours.

It has been a rough few weeks around our house hold. This mama is tired! Very, very tired. I have been without a phone for over a week and had to order new ones. We switched carriers and that was impossible! Then, I guess my computer felt left out cause it had to break as well. Nothing like driving 30min to Best Buy to buy a computer at 9pm just so you wont miss out on emails and facebook! Yup, that was me! Just as soon as I was re connected with the world again, my oldest son came down with a cold. Nothing serious but no fun. He developed a fever and had a runny nose. Then of course he had to share with his younger brother. He was so generous. However, the little one got very sick with bronchitis and fever for over 5 days. Throwing up, loss of appetite, the works! Just as soon as I got my little man feeling better my oldest came down with an ear infection! Really??? What else could I deal with.

Well, just today I noticed my little guy didn’t look right and his cheeks were bright red. Just like they had been a few weeks prior and was sick with fifths disease. Several hours later his cheeks were still red. I feel that another trip to the doc is in order. I think they need to keep me on a on going list for appointments just cause we are there so often! I know he keeps getting so sick cause people send their kids to school sick! Stop sending your kids to school when they don’t feel good! I think I need a nap!