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    Willpower Wednesday: Hitting Reset

    It’s OK to hit your reset button!

    Sometimes it’s ok to hit the reset button.   Sometimes we as adults just need a do-over.  I posted about my I love life series and found out about my brother in laws passing shortly after that.  Everything took a pause as you can imagine.  I took time to reflect, plan and ultimately move forward.  That brings me to today.  Willpower Wednesday.

    Today’s post is on hitting your reset button.  Everyone has one.  You know, that virtual button in the sky that you are always hitting and later feeling guilty because you don’t want to be feel like a major failure.  Yeah, that one.  Well today’s the day you can hit it.  Hit that reset button and reward yourself with a well-deserved do-over.Willpower Wednesday Reset

    Last night I was up planning and preparing for this post and for the weeks to come.  I made copies of my MIT sheet (aka Most Important Things list), my weekly cleaning chart, top 3 weekly goal list, my food & exercise journal page and my monthly menu calendar, and lastly my blog brainstormer page.  I know the best way to achieve success is to plan and be prepared so today that’s how I’m starting out.  I completely filled in all the pages.  I’ll be adding them to the site as soon as I can so you can print them off for yourself too.  They are very helpful!

    By hitting my own reset button I plan on achieving the following goals for the remainder of the month (in no particular order):

    1.    Spend 10 minutes every morning writing in my positivity journal
    2.   Take more time to read daily
    3.   Prioritize my time to complete my daily cleaning tasks
    4.   Set up my monthly budget
    5.   Fill out my daily MITs list and cross them out
    6.   Journal all food and exercise -on paper!
    7.   Have a green smoothie every day
    8.   Pre-plan and prepare daily, weekly and monthly meals
    9.   Lose 20 pounds in 3 months
    10.   Take my daily dose of vitamins!
    11.   Plan and get caught up on my home cleaning projects

    That is just a short list. I have more things I want to make sure I do, but to start off, I think the list I shared is full of absolutely attainable goals.  If you could hit your reset button, what would you change or do differently this time around?


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