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    Willpower Wednesday Week #1 – What you think you become!

    Willpower Wednesday Week #1

    The mind is everything.  What you think, you become.


    Today is the first day of my “I Love Life; A Series To Regain A Positive Outlook” series and falls under Willpower Wednesday.  I shared a quote above that I felt was very powerful and helps me to regain my thoughts and my willpower.

     For me, my mind likes to play tricks on me.  I think one thing and then I do the complete opposite.  Anyone else like that?  What could this possibly mean?  Is my mind broken?  It couldn’t be all the years of negativity and self-doubt talking, could it? 

    Willpower Wednesday Quote of the Day

    What you think, you become.  It’s an extremely powerful statement don’t you think?  If I constantly think that I am “so fat”, or “so ugly with this stupid zit on my face”, or “I never have enough money to pay my bills”…I’ve learned that’s how my life will be.  Why?   Because I’ve already conditioned myself to think that is how it’s going to be.  So, if I wake up thinking about that stupid zit, you and I know that before I know it, that zit will be the size of a quarter and there will be absolutely NO hiding it.  I will spend my day obsessing over that zit and it will ultimately ruin my day.  Yes, petty, but that’s honestly how it would go down.  That is….until today!  Because today is different.

    Today is different because I am not allowing my mind to go to a place of negativity.  Today is different because I am very happy with my own version of perfect and I am just that, my version of perfect.  Today I am choosing to think only good thoughts about myself.  Today I am choosing to LOVE LIFE… ALL OF IT!! 

    How were your thoughts today?  Share the story of how you handled your minds conflicting thoughts with me in the comments below.


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