Work With Us

So you want to work with us…become an intern!

Why be a T2T Magazine intern?

Tots To Teens Magazine is fast-paced, and fun…lots of fun.  Interns are able to watch the entire digital magazine process from start to finish.  From finding products to feature, to researching stories, to page layout’s and more, our interns are given a great deal of responsibility and are self-motivated.  We are usually on a tight deadline so organization and time management is key.  Some days you can even work from home…in your pj’s!  Told you it was fun!

Tots To Teens Magazine offers two internship placements, one full-time and one part-time.  The intern program runs three months at a time and start January, May and September.  Why those months?  We have two yearly digital issues plus a holiday buyers guide and timing is essential as you can imagine.

What T2T interns do:

Interns work with the editor and managing editor to make almost every aspect of the digital magazine happen. They help with the creative and administrative tasks required in order to put the digital magazine together.  Interns will help with story ideas, must be current with fashion and product trends, will assist with copy editing and proofreading, will become quite familiar with all social media outlets and help with event planning on a variety of levels.  As the intern, you will also learn how we put pages together, page layouts and designs, photo editing, assist on photo shoots as needed, and of course, assist in raising funds necessary to keep the magazine going from month to month.  We are a small digital magazine with a web presence, so to work with us, you must be patient yet work well under pressure, pay close attention to details, be a quick learner, be able to write effective press releases and be yourself.

Does the internship pay?

No, unfortunately our internships are non-paying positions.  We do however recognize the valuable work that our interns do but we just cannot guarantee payments of any kind at this time.  We make sure that the interns receive educational experience as required but for now it’s a strictly volunteer position.

How do I apply?

You must be a local resident to the Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville, Illinois area.  We accept applications by mail or by email.   You can send us your resume using either of the methods below:
T2T Magazine Internship
PO Box 1233
Plainfield, IL 60586

or by email:

Advertising Sales Positions:

We are currently seeking individuals to head our advertising sales team. If you are a go-getter, love working with small and large businesses, love working independently, and love working within the child product industry, then you may be the perfect candidate! Our ideal candidate is a SAHM or SAHD looking to make a little extra spending cash.

The position we are seeking to fill will be paid on a “commission based on sales” basis. You are able to work from your own home, at your convenience…even in your pj’s if you want! Additional responsibilities pertaining to website management may apply. The advertising sales person will be a part of the Marketing Department and will handle national accounts for ad placement in Tots To Teens Magazine, digital, print and online.

Applicants requesting more information please contact –