You did what in school today?

Last night I posted a question on the Tots to Teens Magazine Facebook page

Question: If your Kindergarten child was learning to sort things in class; for example sorting buttons by colors or shapes, and then classmates by the color of their skin—would you be upset?

I wanted to elaborate on the topic.

All this summer my good friend and I were excited that our children would be starting Kindergarten.  It was nice to have someone to talk to, about the upcoming event that was somewhat bittersweet for the two of us.  Our children attend schools in the same school district, and we often talk about the kids new adventures in Kindergarten.

Last night my friend called me, and I had no idea our conversation about what the kids did in school today— would go the way it did.  My friend told me that her daughter shared with her that in class they were learning to separate things.  Her daughter advised her that they had separated buttons by size and colors, and then her daughter told her the class was separated by color too.

This of course raised eyebrows, what did her child mean?  Then her daughter went on to tell her the children were separated into groups of “dark skinned” and  “light skinned”.  My friend puzzled by the topic then asks her beautiful biracial child, “Well what group were you in?”  Her daughter told her she was in the “dark skinned” group.

So here it is 2011, and here is a classroom of Kindergarten children separated in groups of “light skinned” and “dark skinned”.

Should she be upset?  Would you be upset?